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Cheryl Matrasko
James Loeser
Matthew O'Connor


Cheryl Matrasko
James Loeser
Matthew O'Connor



Variation #1

Ryokatatori has the attacker lunging to grab the victim's clothing lapels (around the neck areas), to initially disable the target. In addition, the grab can take the form of both palms hitting the chest, just prior to the grasp. This is done to stun the victim. 

As previously mentioned, Kokyunages are basically momentum throws that take advantage of the timing and movement of the attacker.

In this animated graphic below, the nage waits till the attacker has commited action to charging and grabbing the lapels. When the assailant is close enough, the victim drops sharply down to attack the attacker's feet. The uke has no choice but jump over, or risk getting his legs taken out.

Note, that when this action was filmed the uke had no idea what action the nage was going to take in defense. His forward ukemi was taken to avoid becoming a victim himself. Here, the assailant and victim roles have reversed.

Please be patient, the animated gif below will take time to download through your browser.

ryokatatori-kokyunage3.gif (84054 bytes)

1997 C. Matrasko
(Errol Torres, uke)

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Michio Hikitsuchi 10th Dan 1978
(C. Matrasko as uke)
1978 C. Matrasko

Submitted photos from all over the world.

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