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Cheryl Matrasko
James Loeser
Matthew O'Connor


Cheryl Matrasko
James Loeser
Matthew O'Connor



Katatetori Kaitenage, (ura)

Katatetori Kaitenage has been referred to as a rotary throw from a wrist grab.

Kaitenage techniques appear somewhat elaborate, but in actuality are very simple in nature. The movement is very circular and is always in flux, where both uke and nage take on many shifts and changes in direction and footwork. Tenkans and irimis, interchangeably start every shift of movement. It is truly a beautiful technique to watch and to execute, when it is executed well. In a practical sense, it can be deadly.

Please be patient. Because of its animated content -  the graphic below will take time to download through your browser.

katatetori-kaitenage1-ura.gif (236964 bytes)

Katatetori Kaitenage (ura) is demonstrated by James Loeser (nage) and Matthew O'Connor (uke)

Note above:

  1. The attacker grabs the nage's wrist.
  2. Nage performs tenkan.
  3. As the Nage tenkans, he swings his hips and leads the attacker around him.
  4. Nage hits the assailant in the face after the center is exposed.
  5. This gives the nage the opportunity to swing the uke's arm to open the stance and then step under the arm.
  6. The Victim then drops his own one-point, causing the attacker to drop suddenly also. Here the uke has lost his balance again.
  7. The Nage continues the movement and drops the assailant's arm in a forward circular fashion.
  8. At the same time, he pushes the uke's head down in the same forward circular movement
  9. Uke takes the fall, to avoid injury.

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hikitsuchu-cam.JPG (12905 bytes)

Michio Hikitsuchi 10th Dan 1978
(C. Matrasko as uke)
1978 C. Matrasko

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