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Aikido Monthly Fees

The monthly fee currently taken is $40.00 a month. This is being accumulated for various expenses such as the purchase of more practice mats (the major expense of Aikido), Internet Provider expenses for these web pages, parking fees for visiting instructors and assistants (most of these persons unless otherwise arranged for - are receiving no compensation other than parking fees or related traveling costs.).

Please note that as of September 1st, 2002 the monthly Aikido fees are increasing to $45.

This is still very reasonable, since USA dojos are charging from $55 to $120 a month.  Most in Chicago are in the $80 plus a month range.

Mat fee of $10.00 per person are for visitors only (NU approved) and for those persons that only want periodic instruction in the class. 

Private instruction fees are $60 per hour - per person only. 

We are directing some of these funds to pay for visiting instructors and to help support the Lake Shore Center so that they may continue provide other activities such as Aikido, dancing, etc. to the downtown Chicago NU Community at large. 

We are very proud to say we have so far purchased a total of 10 quality mats for our workouts. These mats are purchased through Davis Athletic Co., a locally based company here in Bedford Park, a suburb of Chicago.

For more information please read these web pages or send E-Mail to Cheryl at:

Revised 6/23/2002

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