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Mat fee of $15.00 per person are for visitors only (NU approved) and for those persons that only want periodic instruction in the class. As per the standards in all Aikido dojos, the mat fee instruction will not be applicable to time accumulated in taking promotion tests.   

Proper Martial Arts Protocols


The dues of $35.00 is payable each month! If you expect to be away from class for a month or longer please notify me by E-Mail. Unless prior arrangements are agreed upon by both parties and made via E-Mail or in writing --- no exception will be made. No exams will be given to the student if the dues are not paid. Permission on the mat will be denied.


No matter what the climate is we must come in physical contact with one another in practice. Personal hygiene is a requirement at all times on the mat in all Aikido dojos! Remember to practice physical cleanliness and come to class in a washed gi. All students not practicing proper personal hygiene will be first asked to remove themselves off the mat, until the matter is resolved.


Aikido NU Chicago Promotion List

    Y. Erica Mak - 5th Kyu     Patricia Dickens - 6th Kyu
        Susan Sambol - 5th Kyu

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