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The Aikido classes seek to bring the concepts of Aikido closer to the practitioner through education and active participation. In Aikido practice, students focus on the coordination of the mind and body for better skill, dexterity, and concentration. In addition, relaxation through mediation, Misogi breathing, and the use of Aikido techniques and exercises is an added benefit. Time is set aside for the exploration of Asian culture, Budo and Bushido to facilitate the understanding of this Japanese martial art.

The Chicago Campus started Aikido classes October 2nd, Monday, 1995. It was started by a few of us staff members at the Law School and the Admissions Office. The idea of having a Chicago Campus  Aikido dojo for the staff of Northwestern was an idea we had been toying with for about 2 years, till we finally decided to bring our dream to life. With a few athletic mats that the Lake Shore Center was kind enough to let us use, we were able to start our first class nine years ago, this October. We are small, but with a small class the lessons are very private for the few students we have.

Aikido classes are being held at Abbot Hall, 710 N. Lake Shore Drive, 2nd Floor Cafeteria on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00 - 7:30PM for both beginners and advanced. Two Fridays a month we schedule a special session for advanced students from 5:30 -7:00PM. We welcome the staff of both the Chicago and Evanston Campuses. Faculty and students are welcome to join in the fun with us! Cancellation of a class however infrequent, occasionally can occur, which in this case all members are contacted by phone or by E-Mail.

The Aikido classes at the Chicago Campus are an activity at the Abbott Hall for the Faculty, Staff, and Student population. These are offered as well to those persons on staff with Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH), Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation (NMFF), and Northwestern Medical Physicians' Group (NMPG), upon presentation of employee identification only. Class postings and schedules are cleared with NU.

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