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Revised 7/19/98

Uke - Person being thrown
Nage - Person throwing

Posture (shizentai gamae):

Migi gamae - right side
Hidari gamae - left side
Sankakutai - typical Aikido triangular stance
Ma-ai - Distance between the nage and uke.

Stances (Hammi):

Ai hammi - Both persons take migi gamae or hidari gamae at the same time
Gyaku hammi - reverse stance
Gedan - hand position low
Chudan - hand position medium
Jodan - hand position high

C. Matrasko and M. Rooker 1976
1976 C. Matrasko


Shomenuchi - Frontal attack to top of head
Shomenu-tsuki - Frontal attack to eyes
Munetsuki - Frontal punch
Yomenuchi - Frontal-angular attack to side of head/neck
Katate-tori - Wrist grab
Kata-tori - Shoulder grab
Katate-tori hantai / Kosa-tori - cross hand grab
Kubi-shime - Choke hold
Katate-tori Ryote-mochi - Two hands grab one hand
Ryote-tori - Grab both wrists
Ryokata-tori - Grab both shoulders
Randori - Multiple man attack
Hanmi Handachi-waza - Nage in sitting position and uke standing
Suwari-waza - Nage and uke perform techniques on knees
Jiyu-waza - Free Style
Jo-tori - Staff taking
Tanto-tori - Knife taking
Kumi-jo - Paired jo kata practice
Kumi-tachi - Paired bokken practice
Taijutsu - Empty hand practice

Michio Hikitsuchi 10th Dan - 1978
(C. Matrasko as uke)
1978 C. Matrasko

Irimi - Direct entry
Tenkan - Indirect or outside entry Body makes complete turn around attack.

Atemi - Hand strikes
Jiyu-waza - Free style
Jo - Staff
Suburi - Sword/ bokken practice
Shikko - Knee walking

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Revised 7/19/98

1998 Cheryl Matrasko

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