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NWU Aikido Testing Requirements - Page 3 (Continued)

C. Matrasko - uke Benjamin Shen
1996 C. Matrasko

Revised 5/30/98

1st Dan - Shodan (120 hrs/ 9 mos)

All previous requirements plus:

Kumi tachi

First + five basic kata Tanto-tori - a different technique from each:


Two different techniques from Ushiro-tori:
Tachi-tori - five different techniques from each:


Randori (Three man attack)

2nd Dan - Nidan (Minimum 2 years)

All previous requirements
Kumi-tachi - First twelve basic kata
Kumi-jo - First six basic kata
Randori (Three people attacking shinai)

3rd Dan - Sandan (Minimum 3 yrs)

All previous techniques

Emphasis on understanding of Kokyu-tanden-ho

Yondan - 4th Dan (Minimum 3 yrs)

Only by recommendation at the discretion of Saotome Shihan or Ikeda Shihan

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Revised 5/30/98

1998 Cheryl Matrasko

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